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From markharw00d <>
Subject Re: "Advanced" query language
Date Sun, 04 Dec 2005 21:32:02 GMT
I think I'm with Erik on this - I generally don't see end users keen to 
type anything other than "words with spaces" as queries. 
I do see them commonly using GUI forms with multiple inputs and behind 
the scenes application code assembling the query - the same way just 
about every web app in the world has forms that create SQL on the user's 
Like SQL, I do see this proposed new query syntax as a language for 

Aside from the debate over choice of query syntax we would also need to 
consider the impact such a language has on the query objects it 
I like the Spring/Ant approach which uses reflection to wire up beans 
generically because this allows new objects to be plugged in to the 
framework without having to rewrite the parser.
This "generic wirer" approach requires the wirable objects to obey 
JavaBean conventions (zero arg constructor and public getters/setters 
for properties). Many existing Lucene Query objects have their mandatory 
properties passed into their constructors and so would not directly fit 
into such a framework. I can see that changing existing query classes to 
provide a no-arg constructor would be a contentious move because it 
would make it possible for developers using them directly to mistakenly 
instantiate Query objects without passing mandatory parameters. Perhaps 
in these cases it would be better to preserve the existing class and 
provide a "parser wrapper bean" used purely to integrate the existing 
Query class with the new parser framework.


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