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From Ahmed El-dawy <>
Subject Reordering search results
Date Mon, 03 Oct 2005 07:47:14 GMT
  I have made a new Analyzer that does the following:
1- Remove common prefixes and suffixes. For example, uncommon will be
converted to common.
2- Change some letters in the words with common spelling mistakes. For
example, wellcome will be changed to welcome.
3- Stop words are removed.

I have no problem with the analyzer. My problem is that, because of
all changes made, the search results are not so accurate. I need a way
to reorder these results such that:
1- Words in Document that are more close to original search terms have
a larger Score. For example, if I was searching for "wellcome",
Document("wellcome") must be better than Document("welcome")
2- Documents that have search terms close to each other, have a larger
Score. For example, if I was searching for "welcome there",
Document("welcome there") must be better than Document("welcome all
there"). Note that "all" is a stop word in my implementation.

What classes should I inherit, or what interfaces should I implement
to accomplish my needs?
I have tried to load all search results in memory then I do my
reordering, but it took a lot of time to load search result in memory.
I need the reordering to happen by Lucene with the search results

Thanks in advance

Ahmed Saad

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