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From Sebastian Menge <>
Subject SImilarity between Terms
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2005 15:08:30 GMT
Hi all

Given an index, how can (if i can) get the similarity between _terms_? 

I read somewhere (In an Intro to IR) that a term can be seen as a
document. Can i do that with lucene, and how would one proceed? (a code
snippet would be great ..)

Thanks alot, Sebastian.

BTW: I found lucene when looking for a LSA component. I already asked
for that on the general-list. Other people are also looking for this
(e.g. fidde andersson). I already get asked whether i got any further.
So it seems that there is demand for such a component. If i were still a
student i would try to extend lucene to do something like that, but
today i dont have the ressources but perhaps another person has.

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