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From Ken Krugler <>
Subject Re: Lucene does NOT use UTF-8
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2005 03:42:26 GMT
>I'm not familiar with UTF-8 enough to follow the details of this
>discussion.  I hope other Lucene developers are, so we can resolve this
>issue.... anyone raising a hand?

I could, but recent posts makes me think this is heading towards a 
religious debate :)

I think the following statements are all true:

a. Using UTF-8 for strings would make it easier for Lucene indexes to 
be used by other implementations besides the reference Java version.

b. It would be easy to tweak Lucene to read/write conformant UTF-8 strings.

c. The hard(er) part would be backwards compatibility with older 
indexes. I haven't looked at this enough to really know, but one 
example is the compound file (xx.cfs) format...I didn't see a version 
number, and it contains strings.

d. The documentation could be clearer on what is meant by the "string 
length", but this is a trivial change.

What's unclear to me (not being a Perl, Python, etc jock) is how much 
easier it would be to get these other implementations working with 
Lucene, following a change to UTF-8. So I can't comment on the return 
on time required to change things.

I'm also curious about the existing CLucene & PyLucene ports. Would 
they also need to be similarly modified, with the proposed changes?

One final point. I doubt people have been adding strings with 
embedded nulls, and text outside of the Unicode BMP is also very 
rare. So _most_ Lucene indexes only contain valid UTF-8 data. It's 
only the above two edge cases that create an interoperability problem.

-- Ken
Ken Krugler
TransPac Software, Inc.
+1 530-470-9200

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