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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Lucene vs. Ruby/Odeum
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2005 10:08:57 GMT
Zed has updated his second part with more experiments with different  
JVM's and memory settings:

On Jun 2, 2005, at 12:27 AM, Robert Engels wrote:
> I read all of Zed's posts on the subject and I feel he certainly  
> presents a
> strong anti-Java

Most definitely an anti-Java leaning - but at least he's working on  
being objective about it by measuring things :)

> , if not anti-Lucene bias - maybe just pro Ruby.

He's quite pro-Lucene, and most definitely pro-Ruby.  I consider  
myself in those categories myself.

> If you do not even adhere to the principle designer's "guidelines  
> to proper
> usage", your tests are meaningless. It's akin to using a new flat  
> screen
> monitor and claiming "boy, it has a fuzzy picture", because you didn't
> follow the instructions that said "remove protective film before  
> using".

I concur with your sentiment and I've done what I can via e-mail with  
him to educate him on my experience with Lucene and JVM garbage  
collection.  I'd encourage anyone who has the the time and  
inclination to take him up on the request to show how to do it better  
since he's made his code available.

> Zed is using a very constrained test - which is probably very  
> the real world of server based systems, to attempt to discern the  
> relative
> performance characteristics of Lucene/Java/Ruby/etc. The tests may be
> applicable in his poorly designed environment, but he presents his  
> limited
> finding as "gospel", and that it should hold true in all cases. I  
> quote...
> "For the people who have no clue (also known as "Executives")  
> here's the
> information you need to tell all your employees they need to adopt the
> latest and greatest thing without ever having to understand  
> anything you
> read. Cheaper than an article in CIO magazine and even has big  
> words like
> "standard deviation"." and then goes on to present his "statistically
> correct" performance numbers.

Don't get me wrong - Zed is using inflammatory language.  We should  
work to not lower ourselves to speaking in that same tone but rather  
objectively and nicely point out the errors of his ways.  He's open  
to that despite his caustic tone - at least from the e-mail exchanges  
I've had with him.


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