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From Bernhard Messer <>
Subject Re: Error Initializing an FSDirctory - disableLuceneLocks is null (FollowUp)
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 16:16:52 GMT

what kind of error did you get when initializing FSDirectory ? The fact 
that Boolean.getBoolean("disableLuceneLocks") returns false or that the 
system property "disableLuceneLocks" is null is not an error. It  will 
be null, as long as you do not specify the system parameter with  
-DdisableLuceneLocks=true or -DdisableLuceneLocks=false during startup. 
The other case where disableLuceneLocks is set to true is running the 
software on a JVM version 1.1.x. So the documentation is ok when it says 
that per default disableLuceneLocks is false.


Craig Stephen wrote:

>We've been getting an error when trying to initialize an FSDirectory.
>It's on line 48 of the FSDirectory source file.  The system property
>disableLuceneLocks is null.  Now we could set this manually, but it was
>working up until about a week ago when we moved our Lucene Wrapper class
>to a new package.  How is the system property for disableLuceneLocks
>normally set? Has anyone had this problem before? 
>According to the documentation, if you don't set disableLuceneLocks, it
>should default to false which is what we want.  Any suggestions would be
>We are currently using Lucene 1.4.3.
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