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From "Neil O. Rouben" <>
Subject Contributing Query Expansion Module (corrected)
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 12:50:03 GMT
I would like to contribute a module that performs Query Expansion (QE)
in Lucene. Please let me know how I may go about doing that. For more
details about module please see

I implemented Rocchio Query Expansion method. Terms for expansion
could be acquired in local document repository or by using www through
the use of Google's Web API.

Query Expansion - Adding search terms to a user's search. Query
expansion is the process of a search engine adding search terms to a
user's weighted search. The intent is to improve precision and/or
recall. The additional terms may be taken from a thesaurus. For
example a search for "car" may be expanded to: car cars auto autos
automobile automobiles [].


Experiments were conducted on the data from TREC 2004 Robust Track

Note: This data is provided for reference purposes only. Better
performance on the specific data set may not necessary be repeated on
the different data sets, etc...

Tag		MAP 	P10	%no
Lucene QE	0.2433	0.3936	18.10%
Lucene gQE	0.2332 	0.3984 	14%
KB-R-FIS gQE 	0.2322 	0.4076 	14%
Lucene 		0.2 	0.37 	15%

MAP - mean average precision
P10 - average of precision at 10 documents retrieved
%no - percentage of topics with no relevant in the top 10 retrieved

Lucene - unmodified version 1.4.3
Lucene QE - Lucene with local query expansion
Lucene gQE – Lucene system that utilized Rocchio's query expansion
along with Google.
KB-R-FIS gQE – My Fuzzy Inference System that utilized Rocchio's query
expansion along with Google.
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