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From Otis Gospodnetic <>
Subject Re: Questions about DeleteFile method
Date Tue, 03 May 2005 05:25:51 GMT
Judging from the method name, this is back in Lucene.Net, so maybe this
is a bug in the .Net port.  The .cfs file indicates that you are using
the compound index format, which means that *.fN files should not be
deleted explicitly like that.
I wonder if you see the same behaviour with Lucene (Java).


--- Monsur Hossain <> wrote:
> So after digging around FSDirectory's DeleteFile method, I noticed
> something
> curious.  After an incremental index, the system tried to delete a
> lot of
> *.f* files (like _5.f1, _5.f2), which didn't exist on the file
> system.
> These files are named after the segment that is being deleted (for
> example,
> there does exist a _5.cfs file, which is deleted).  Why its trying to
> delete
> these files that don't exist?
> Also, when these files aren't found, DeleteFile throws an exception;
> the
> calling method traps this exception and adds the filename to the
> "deletable"
> file.  This can lead to a lot of exceptions being thrown during a
> large
> indexing operation, which could incur a performance penalty.  For
> performance reasons, should DeleteFile return a boolean (true if the
> file is
> deleted, false if not), which the calling method can then handle
> approriately?  The calling method would still have to trap on the
> exception,
> but at least there'd be far fewer Exceptions thrown.
> Thanks,
> Monsur
> P.s. I haven't done any perf tests to verify this, it was just a
> thought.
> I'll look into pulling something together.

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