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From Brian Goetz <>
Subject Re: too many classes visible with "ant javadocs"
Date Mon, 02 May 2005 01:32:39 GMT
> junit.jar really ought to be removed from our repository.  Due to 
> classloader issues, <junit> doesn't work with junit.jar anywhere but in 
> the classpath that launches Ant.  The Ant best practice is to put 
> junit.jar in ANT_HOME/lib anyway.  I have adjusted the build file that 
> I'll check in later to account for this.

I disagree that this is a "best practice."  At best, it is a horrible
workaround for two tools that ought to work better together, but don't,
for reasons that no one has been able to explain compellingly.  

What if you have different projects which use the same version of ANT
but use different versions of JUnit?  You're screwed.  

What we've taken to doing is to "neuter" ANT by removing optional.jar,
and add optional.jar to the lib/ directory of every project, along with
junit.  While this is not really a great practice either, it does 
provide more flexibility.  

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