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From Wolfgang Hoschek <>
Subject Re: [Performance] Streaming main memory indexing of single strings
Date Sun, 17 Apr 2005 21:45:20 GMT

> On Apr 16, 2005, at 1:17 PM, Wolfgang Hoschek wrote:
>>> Note that "fish*~" is not a valid query expression :)
>> Perhaps the Lucene QueryParser should throw an exception then. 
>> Currently 1.4.3 accepts the expression as is without grumbling...
> Several minor QueryParser weirdnesses like this have turned up 
> recently.  Sure enough, that is an odd one.  It parses into a 
> PrefixQuery for "fish*" and the ~ is dropped.  I consider this a bug 
> as this should really be a parse exception.  I've just filed this as a 
> bug:

Thanks, Erik.

>> If you're looking for an XML DB for managing and querying large 
>> persistent data volumes, Nux/Saxon will disappoint you.
> I want to store at least several hundred MB up to gigabytes and have 
> this queryable with XQuery.

With some luck it might comfortably fit into a (compressed) main memory 

> We previously used Tamino with XPath, but our XML is not well enough 
> normalized to make this very feasible to query.  eXist, last I toyed 
> with it, only scaled to 50MB.
> Ok, so Nux/Saxon is out for our uses.  Any recommendations though?

I can't recommend any product in particular. There's a comprehensive 
list of impls at
Could you briefly summarize the key usecase and an example query? If 
history is any indicator, then within 2-3 years the big relational DBMS 
vendors will have caught up with XQuery/XML extensions and eat the 
little special-purpose XML DB vendors for lunch - just like they did 
with OODBMS.


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