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From Chuck Williams <>
Subject Correct of Query.combine() bugs with new MultiSearcher
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2005 20:58:07 GMT
As noted in the patch description I just submitted, it should be a 
complete, correct, robust (relative to possible user Query 
implementations) and reasonably optimal solution for Query.combine().  
It also simplifies the previous methods, deleting all overrides of 
Query.combine() and Query.mergeBooleanQueries().  The current 
implementation fails to account for queries that rewrite into different 
primitive types on different sub-searchers and fails to account for the 
fact that the rewritten query type of the first sub-searcher is nothing 
special.  The current solution looks at all rewritten subsearcher 
queries as a whole and computes the (reasonably) best single query to 
distribute.  This patch is slightly better than what I sent via email 
last night:
  1.  It's a patch that can be applied in the usual way
  2.  It handles the missing optimization cases I noted in last night's 
  3.  It fixes potential bugs that would not arise with Lucene's query 
types but could arise with user-written queries (e.g., user queries that 
rewrite differently in arbitrary ways for the different sub-serarchers).

Doug and Wolf, please review the patch.  All tests pass.



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