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From "Mario Alejandro M." <>
Subject Ok, for a Java newbie, how setup NetBeans 4 + Lucene
Date Wed, 23 Mar 2005 02:07:09 GMT
I download the most recent Lucene code. I download NetBeans 4.0 + JDK
5. I use the wizard to import the source and I get a Project with the
rigth packages under it. Now, i want to use the Test Case code because
I want to compare outpputs for my Delphi port. And in this point is
where I get lost. In some point i was able to compile Lucene and
produce a jar file (the equivalent EXE or DLL in windows?) but triying
this and that I lost that. Now not compile.Complain about not found a
package( and others) however I see it rigth in the
treevier. When this compile or not I try with menu "Run Other" "Test
Lucene" and not work,  I try in a standalone project and not work. I
not can figure what i need to do for be able to debug lucene with the
provided test cases... and i have zero experience in Java in my

I only want to debug Lucene.. I don't plan code in it rigth now...


Mario Alejandro Montoya
!Obtenga su sitio Web dinĂ¡mico!
Lucene port to Delphi

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