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From "Mario Alejandro M." <>
Subject Recomended strategy for perform test cases for a new port
Date Tue, 15 Mar 2005 21:28:01 GMT
I finish the main (and boring!) part of port Lucene to Delphi

So, I build some test cases and rigth now I pass test cases for:

- BitVector
- Field
- DateField
- Document
- Number
- PriorityQueue
- StringHelper
- Token
- Analyzers (Simple,Null,Stop,Perfield)

I want to know, from your experience, how go from here? I have a
"compile" version but really not work.

What classes/branch must pass/work rigth before the others? What path
follow, how be more productive?

I want to know what is the basic strategy to build the testcases (ie:
Test first this, then move to that, etc...). My first inclination is
get a chart of the code in  UML and go for each branch. However,
because some clases are interacting to others, this can be very hard
to do. I prefer a strategy where I can go for the basic stuff and
leave complex classes for later, so i can reach beta more quickly.

In what point i can get a "working" version, ie: a version where the
most basic functionality work but maybe advanced classes (like
queryparser) is not.

This is the CVS location, if that is necesary for something...

Mario Alejandro Montoya
!Obtenga su sitio Web dinĂ¡mico!

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