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From Garrett Rooney <>
Subject Re: Ok, for a Java newbie, how setup NetBeans 4 + Lucene
Date Wed, 23 Mar 2005 03:02:46 GMT
Robert Engels wrote:
> Why not just use the C port of Lucene and forget the Delphi...

I will admit, one of my motivations for porting Lucene to C is that it's 
considerably simpler to call into a C library from various other 
languages than it is to reimplement the whole library in your language 
of choice.  Eventually I hope to see various wrappers on top of Lucene4c 
that allow it to be used from Ruby, Perl, Python, etc.

Of course, there's also the 'compile it with gcj and then wrap that' 
approach that seems reasonably popular these days.  I prefer the C 
approach because actually getting gcj to work has always been a problem 
when I've tried, but that does have the distinct advantage that you 
don't have to wait for the C implementation to be finished, the Java one 
works now.

In any event, I'd welcome anyone looking at wrapping the C API to ask 
any questions that come up on the list, I'd be 
more than happy to help with such efforts.


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