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Subject Re: special character with lucene
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2005 15:55:28 GMT
             28/02/2005 16:36          "Lucene Developers List"            
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                  "Lucene              Re: special character with lucene   
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Usually the text is in one specific language. English, German, Spanish,
French, ...
However, I dont really have a runtime identifier which language it is. I
could only pick a few words and decide from there (?) - if this is a good

Is there a tool part of lucene that helps deciding what language a
specific text is?

      There's a patch contributed by JF Halleux but I haven't tried it yet

In a simple test I noticed that StandardAnalyzer removes special
characters like ä, ö, ... If I leave the characters the way they are, I
don't find f.e the German word "Äpfel" anymore. So it looks like there are
only two solutions:

a)      - decide which language it is by choosing a few words from the
        - use the language specific analyzer; where do I find Spanish and
Frensh analyzer?

      The FrenchAnalyzer is in the Sandbox, don't know about the spanish

b)      - replace each special character (ä, ö, ...) with some code &#239,
.... There is no stemming then.

      the analyzer will translate everything for you.
      However, I think that you'll have to use the same analyzer to search,
so you'll be able to search for one language at a time
      (which seems not so bad after all)

Any help is appreciated,

Erik Hatcher <>
28.02.2005 16:17
Bitte antworten an
"Lucene Developers List" <>

"Lucene Developers List" <>

Re: special character with lucene

On Feb 28, 2005, at 10:01 AM, wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to build a search engine using several different
> languages -
> f.e. Spanish names, French names, ...

Will your text be a mix of languages within a single field?  Or would
each document (or field) be a single language?

> - Using a different analyzer for each language would be one solution.

You will most likely have to use a different analyzer for each
language, though that depends on the answers to the above.

> - But how about replacing each special character (Umlaute, ...ä, ö,
> ...)
> with its html special character before indexing and doing the same with
> each search query before searching??

An HTML entity is more than one character.  The simplest is to leave
the characters as-is, in Unicode.

> This seems to me the simplest approach to handling this issues - ?
> What are the drawbacks? No Stem search? Other considerations?

Stemming is language-specific, which factors into your analyzer(s)


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