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From Dale Strickler <>
Subject Re: patch - DEFAULT_ vars in IndexWriter non-final and DEFAULT for useCompoundFile
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2005 17:46:03 GMT
Hi all,

A quick comment from a lurker that is new to this project.

 From a distance, this sounds like it could be handled with an 
"optimization" parameter, like .jpg interfaces do for the general 
public.  Have a control that you set for to a few values for 
large/medium/small indices.  Internally the "optimization" API, for now, 
will set the MergeFactor value to one of a few values.  Then if the 
developers end up throwing out the MergeFactor and/or introducing other 
indexing factors they can just re-map to the "optimization" API to the 
internal controls.   I know this approach is often distasteful to 
developers but I have met a lot of customers/end users that love this 
approach.  And if any of you have optimized a JPG in your favorite paint 
program I bet you have not thought much about what actual numerical 
'constants' you were messing with.

Just $.02 worth from a new set of new eyes....  feel free to ignore me... :)


At 12:07 2005/02/25, you wrote:
>Doug Cutting wrote:
>>public static int getDefaultMergeFactor() {
>>   return mergeFactor;
>Oops.  That should be 'return defaultMergeFactor'.
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