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From Garrett Rooney <>
Subject Re: Incubating Lucene.Net
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2005 16:22:04 GMT
George Aroush wrote:
> Proposal for new project Lucene.Net (aka dotLucene)
> George Aroush --
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ----
> (0) rationale 
> Lucene.Net (aka dotLucene) is a source code port of Jakarta Lucene from Java
> to C#.  The port is a one-to-one port of Lucene's high and low level APIs,
> public and internal APIs, and the underlying algorithms of Lucene as well as
> the index format.  Every Java file released with Jakarta Lucene is ported to
> Lucene.Net C#.  In addition, any index file generated with Lucene.Net is
> 100% cross compatible with Jakarta Lucene and via versa.  Finally,
> Lucene.Net preserves the look-and-feel of C#'s naming convention for
> packages, classes, methods and documentation.
> Lucene.Net 1.4.3 is currently a six-month-old open source project, and is
> now hosted at and is backed by its own non-profit
> organization.  Since Lucene.Net is already based on Jakarta Lucene and thus
> uses the Apache 2.0 license is therefore an appropriate candidate to be
> moved to the Apache foundation.
> I anticipate that Lucene.Net will join the recently proposed
> top-level project, with Lucene and its various ports.

Was the current codebase based on the older Lucene.NET project?  The one 
that its authors stopped making available as an open source project? 
The reason I ask is that I recall that version was under an older 
version of the Apache License, and I imagine you would require the 
permission of its authors to relicense it under the newer license.

Conceptually I have no objection to bringing in this project, I just 
want to make sure that the legal bases are covered.


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