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From Bernhard Messer <>
Subject Re:
Date Mon, 14 Feb 2005 19:13:37 GMT
Doug Cutting schrieb:

> Erik Hatcher wrote:
>>> It also might be a good time to think about mailing list names.  
>>> There was a request on infrastructure@ to move lucene-dev@jakarta to 
>>> dev@lucene, would it make more sense to move it to java-dev@lucene?
>> NOW you tell me!!!!  :)
>> I think until we have these elusive other languages in, we should 
>> stick with dev@.  We certainly want to have a cohesive Lucene 
>> community regardless of language, and dev@ makes sense to keep across 
>> all languages to me.
> I (respectfully) disagree.  I don't think other Apache projects work 
> that way.  Sub-projects have their own development lists.  Perhaps we 
> should have new mailing lists for the top-level project, but the 
> mailing list that replaces should be 
> specific to Lucene Java.
> In general, nearly everything related to Jakarta Lucene should be 
> moved to the Java sub-project of TLP Lucene.  There may be some 
> exceptions, but those should be the results of public deliberations.  
> For example, Garrett suggested that the file format documentation 
> might move to the top-level.  There's merit to that, but we should 
> figure out how each port will describe what version of the file format 
> it implements, whether it implements any extensions, etc. before we 
> yank the file format documentation from the lucene port.
> And we also want to try not to break URLs when we move things.  For 
> this reason it's best to move things as few tims as possible, so that 
> we don't end up with a confusing set of redirects.
Doug, you placed a copy of the website in the "java" directory. In both, 
the original and the java directory the "api" directory is missing. I 
can't copy it into because of the access rights :-(


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