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From Garrett Rooney <>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCE] lucene4c 0.02
Date Mon, 14 Feb 2005 02:56:18 GMT
Erik Hatcher wrote:

>> What is the procedure from here?
> I encourage you to propose the codebase to the Incubator.  I'd be happy 
> to be a sponsor of it, and I'm already tuning in to the incubator list. 
>  The lack of community around this codebase will be an issue leaving the 
> incubator, but I think it should come into incubation with no problems.

Thank you for the offer, I'll put together a proposal sometime this week 
and send it in.  In the past various different people have expressed 
interest in a C version of Lucene, hopefully we can get some of them 
involved more directly once it's in the incubator.

> The Lucene repository is set up to accommodate other languages now and 
> the lucene4c codebase would be a nice start on getting cross-language 
> unit tests started.  It would be great to have compatibility tests for 
> the various ports of Lucene.

I agree, cross language compatibility tests would be nice to have.

Additionally it would be good to work on updating the disk format 
documentation, I've found several cases where the docs are quite out of 
date compared to the current code.  It's hard to expect the various 
different ports to maintain compatibility when the formats are only 
documented in code.


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