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From "Jean-Francois Halleux" <>
Subject RE: Re[2]: RemoteSearcher
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2005 11:51:24 GMT
Hi there,

	FYI, I've implemented a ParallelMultiSearcher back in January. It is
available in the base package, together with unit tests. Should be easy
enough to build your distributed app from there.
If I'm not mistaking, it could be improved from its threading perspective
(one thread is created per searchable for each search now).


Jean-Francois Halleux

-----Original Message-----
From: Yura Smolsky []
Sent: vendredi 7 janvier 2005 9:33
To: Lucene List
Subject: Re[2]: RemoteSearcher

Hello, Otis.

Interesting. Nutch doesnt use RemoteSearchable b/b RemoteSearchable is not
very useful? I mean does it suitable for distibuting index process in
parallel on many services or not? Will it give us good performance.

We have RemoteSearchable in the sources, but anyone does not use it. :)

I ask this question, b/c I use PyLucene (very good port in
Python) and I need to realize a lot of things about implementation of
RemoteSearchable in omniORBpy (CORBA).  I have big index (3,000,000 docs)
many fields. I have noticed, that search becomes slower. I want to
distribute index on many servers. Does RemoteSearchable worse of it?

BTW, Is there working demo of nutch with big index?

OG> Nutch ( has a pretty sophisticated infrastructure for
OG> distributed searching, but it doesn't use RemoteSearcher.

>> Does anyone know application which based on RemoteSearcher to
>> distribute index on many servers?

Yura Smolsky,

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