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From Chris Lamprecht <>
Subject Re: URL to compare 2 Similarity's ready-- Re: Scoring benchmark evaluation. Was RE: How to proceed with Bug 31841 - MultiSearcher problems with Similarity.docFreq() ?
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2005 22:46:31 GMT
> frequently do not include all query terms.  I just tried this bizarre
> query:
>  hilbert space frank zappa george bush john kerry
> There are two hits and they do not appear to have all terms (even in the

It could be that the anchor text pointing to these pages from some
other web page had the terms you searched for in them (or near them). 
A la Google's famous "evil empire" search pointing to Microsoft, even
though Microsoft's page didn't have the words 'evil empire' in it.

Some further evidence.  I tried two Google searches: "classgrabber
registration agent frank" and then the same query without "frank". 
The former returns no pages, while the latter returns "about 32". 
Also see


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