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Subject [Jakarta Lucene Wiki] Updated: LuceneFAQ
Date Wed, 12 Jan 2005 02:01:05 GMT
   Date: 2005-01-11T18:01:05
   Editor: HossMan
   Wiki: Jakarta Lucene Wiki
   Page: LuceneFAQ

   prompted by lucene-users thread "How do I unlock?"

Change Log:

@@ -416,6 +416,16 @@
 it is obtained files are only opened or deleted, and one small file is
 read or written.
+==== My program crashed and now I get a "Lock obtain timed out." error. Where is the lock
and how can i delete it? ====
+When using FSDirectory, Lock files are kept in the directory specified by the "org.apache.lucene.lockdir"
system property if it is set, or by default in the directory specified by the ""
system property (on Unix boxes this is usually "/var/tmp")
+If for some strange reason "" is not set, then the directory path you specified
to create your index is used.
+Lock files have names that start with "lucene-" followed by an MD5 hash of the index directory
+If you are certain that a lock file is not in use, you can delete it manually.  You should
also look at the methods "[
IndexReader.isLocked]" and "[
IndexReader.unlock]" if you are interested in writting recovery code that can remove locks
 ==== Is there a maximum number of segment infos whose summary (name and document count) is
stored in the segments file? ====

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