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From Miles Barr <>
Subject Re: Scoring benchmark evaluation. Was RE: How to proceed with Bug 31841 - MultiSearcher problems with Similarity.docFreq() ?
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2005 10:27:48 GMT
> On Fri, 2005-01-28 at 21:42 +0000, Chuck Williams wrote:
> I just posted WikipediaSimilarity to Bug 32674.  I've also reviewed and
> tested the port to Java 1.4 -- it's fine (although all the casts remind
> me why I like 1.5 so much).  Thanks to Miles Barr for this port!

Not a problem, cheers for writing this functionality in the first

Are there any plans to unify your classes with the
MultiFieldQueryParser? I think eventually it would make sense to
generate the queries during parsing rather than rebuilding them. 

But there are benefits to the current technique. I've had some
experiences where the generated query doesn't work with the text
highlighting package, so it's useful to keep the original query around. 

Another feature for an advanced query parser might be the ability to
alter the query class used depending on the field type. e.g. for most
fields you would use TermQueries and PhraseQueries but for a 'contents'
field it would use spans instead (as described in the Lucene book).


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