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From "Chuck Williams" <>
Subject RE: Boolean Scorer
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2004 22:12:40 GMT

Would there be a way to get the best of both worlds?  E.g., could you
factor the specializable score combination differently, so that one
method was called with each new score to generate a state entity, while
a final method computed the score from the state.  For both sum and max,
the state entity could just be a float, not requiring an array.  The
final operation for the sum with coord case would do the coord.  I
haven't looked at the code carefully enough to see if this actually
works, but it seemed worth mentioning.


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  > From: Paul Elschot []
  > Sent: Friday, December 10, 2004 1:45 PM
  > To:
  > Subject: Re: Boolean Scorer
  > Chuck,
  > On Friday 10 December 2004 22:16, Chuck Williams wrote:
  > > I'm just a user and haven't tried Paul's DisjunctionScorer yet,
but I
  > > must say this sounds like a great idea.  The ability to specialize
  > > combineScores() is a significant advantage. ...
  > In the latest version I dropped the combineScores() and inlined
  > the summing (in advanceAfterCurrent()).
  > The main reason is that passing the scoring values of the scorers
  > in an array does not scale well, ie. it will always cost an amount
  > work in proportion to the number of scorers, even if only one of
  > them actually has a score.
  > Changing this is should be no problem, though.
  > Regards,
  > Paul Elschot
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