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From Jeff Breidenbach <>
Subject two versioning problems with Lucene
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2004 03:39:43 GMT

Hi all,

I maintain the Debian package for Lucene. On the off chance that
provides any clout, I want to add my voice to Bill Janssen
below. Better versioning (that marks data level compatibility) is a
big deal and I'd really like to see it in Lucene as soon a practical.



Jeff, there are two important versioning problems with Lucene.

The first is that there is no way to tell from "inside" Java which
version of Lucene you have.  There should be some top level class,
perhaps org.apache.lucene.VERSION, which contains at least three
variables, "majorVersion", "minorVersion", and "microVersion", so that
a user program can check which version of the system they are using.

The second is that, given a Lucene index directory, you have no way of
knowing which version of Lucene this index is compatible with.  There
should be format version numbers in the index directory, so that you
can tell which version of the index format to use.

It would also be useful if the VERSION class had a parameter which
would tell you what version of the index file format this Lucene would
create, and which versions it could read.

If you had all of these, you could point a program at an index, and
have a fair chance of being able to tell whether or not your program
could read it.


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