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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: kick-start: Lucene to top-level project
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2004 15:44:16 GMT

On Dec 11, 2004, at 9:54 AM, Bernhard Messer wrote:
> Currently i'm not able to see how much adminitrative work this will 
> raise. Are there any known apache projects already moved from a 
> subproject to TLP ? Maybe they could give us some important hints what 
> effort will come over the community.

I've started a thread on the Jakarta PMC list, and have gotten several 
very helpful and supportive replies.

What other Lucene committers are PMC members?  Otis is.  Others?

Sam Ruby had the following advice:

>> The board has a bias against self-referential definitions (the 'foo' 
>> project is for managing software related to the 'foo' project - 
>> believe it or not, this happens all too often).  So naming the 
>> proposed project something like search is a good idea.
>> The board tends to prefer projects whose scopes don't overlap with 
>> other projects.  That does not appear to be a problem here.  In other 
>> cases, this involves highlighting differences in technical approaches 
>> taken by two "competing" projects.
>> Finally, some members of the board have a strong bias against 
>> umbrella projects.  My advice here is to not emphasize this aspect of 
>> the proposal.  Overall, the fact that this reduces the size of the 
>> Jakarta project umbrella, those with this bias will be happy.

In other words, I guess we should de-emphasize the idea of bring Nutch 
under the umbrella, but focus on how Lucene itself belongs outside 
Jakarta because it is its own community and does not depend on any 
Jakarta projects, and that we will bring in non-Java ports over time.

Next step is to create the proposal, following in the footsteps of 
Jetspeed or Struts for example.  If no one else volunteers for it, I'll 
craft it sometime this week hopefully.


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