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From Garrett Rooney <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] lucene4c 0.01
Date Mon, 27 Dec 2004 02:21:29 GMT
I've seen other Lucene ports announce occasional releases here, so I 
figured I'd drop you guys a line about lucene4c 0.01, which I just 
released tonight.

Lucene4c is a port of Lucene to C, using the Apache Portable Runtime for 
portability.  Eventually I hope to build mod_lucene, an Apache module 
that allows searching over a lucene index, on top of this framework.

It's currently read-only, requiring the use of Java Lucene for actual 
indexing.  Support for indexing will follow, as will the million and one 
other things I haven't gotten around to implementing.

This is very much a 'proof of concept' release, it's basically just a 
bunch of code to parse lucene segments, just the lowest levels of what 
will hopefully grow into a full Lucene-like library.  The 0.01 release 
has just enough functionality to find all the documents in a segment 
that contain a particular term and print out a field for each of them.

Tonight is the first time it's been able to do anything that even 
resembles a search, so it seemed like a good time to get some eyes other 
than mine on it.

Please direct any feedback, questions, comments, or patches implementing 
large parts of the missing functionality to me.

I'd welcome any of the four of course, but patches are the most 
appreciated ;-)

Oh, and of course you can actually download the code at:


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