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From Garrett Rooney <>
Subject Re: Migration to SVN?
Date Sun, 19 Dec 2004 22:42:47 GMT
Henri Yandell wrote:
> I'd like to see it be in the same subproject directory somehow; something like:
> asf-repo/
>   jakarta/
>     lucene/
>       tags/
>       branches/
>       trunk/
>       sandbox/
>          tags/
>          branches/
>          trunk/
> though that's a bit ugly. My main aim is to keep the jakarta directory
> simple and atomic for sub-project.

That seems reasonable enough.  I'm not really an infra person, but I am 
a Subversion person, so I'll try to give a few pointers from what I've 

> From what I understand of SVN, there's no reason why they couldn't
> have different committers.

Correct, mod_authz_svn will allow you to give people access to just the 
sandbox if you so desire.

> Not sure, might be worth seeing what the svn experts on infra think on
> the sandbox issue.

Putting it in a separate directory (like you have here) is pretty much 
the standard Subversion way of doing things.  The only real question IMO 
is if you want the trunk/tags/branches directories for the core lucene 
project to go in a top level directory under jakarta/lucene.  Another 
way of doing things is something like this:


This might make things simpler for the eventual move of lucene into a 
top level ASF project.  All you'd have to do is mv jakarta/lucene search 
and you'd be all set.  Note that this is also similar to how the httpd 
and apr projects are layed out, a single asf/foo directory with multiple 
subdirectories under it for the projects under that umbrella.


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