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From Ricardo Lopes <>
Subject Re: potential new Lucene logo
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2004 11:08:26 GMT
I agree that the logo wasn't scalable without loosing quality or 
That is the problem with raster/bitmap images (i don't know the word).

An image in SVG solve that problem (as you allready posted).

If that is what you intend to do then you just have to make the logo 
more readable as it was sugested.

Murray Altheim wrote:

> Ricardo Lopes wrote:
>> In my opinion if you want to change the lucene logo make a new one. 
>> The one posted is almost the same than the original.
>> Murray, discussions are good because people participate and bring new 
>> ideas. Your time would be better spend if you create a new (diferent) 
>> logo.
>> I people don't like it they will have to say why or give some ideas 
>> and that would help to make better logo.
>> This is just what i think,
> Ricardo,
> I agree in theory with what you've said, but I didn't feel it was
> my place to completely alter the identity of the existing logo.
> I've not been involved in this project that long (several months)
> and don't know how attached people are to the existing logo, or
> how much it's in use. So I felt the safest thing was to come up
> with a cleanup, not a reinvention. I agree with some of the earlier
> comments about it being too long, and that's easily fixed. My
> biggest problem as a graphic artist (which is actually how I
> started into the computer field back in the early 80's) is that
> the existing logo doesn't decompose well at small sizes. It's hard
> to make a "badge" of it, the kind one sees at the bottom of a web
> page. If I were to reinvent the logo, I'd try something more bold,
> and something that still was recognizable at 80x30 pixels. I may
> have time post-Christmas to make some attempts at this if people
> are interested. I spent quite a lot of time on CommunityWiki
> building up a logo, and probably developed at least several dozen
> alternatives over several weeks. I'd not want to repeat that kind
> of effort, but the community involvement was very good.
> (Unfortunately, CommunityWiki's server has been down for awhile,
> so I can't point you to it.)
> Murray
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