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From Ricardo Lopes <>
Subject Re: potential new Lucene logo
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2004 10:33:44 GMT
In my opinion if you want to change the lucene logo make a new one. The 
one posted is almost the same than the original.

Murray, discussions are good because people participate and bring new 
ideas. Your time would be better spend if you create a new (diferent) logo.

I people don't like it they will have to say why or give some ideas and 
that would help to make better logo.

This is just what i think,


Murray Altheim wrote:

> Andrzej Bialecki wrote:
>> David Spencer wrote:
>>> Doug Cutting wrote:
>>>> I don't feel too proprietary.  Do folks prefer Murray's reworked 
>>>> Lucene logo or the original logo?
>>> I'm sorry, but I prefer the orig. The new one seems too elongated to 
>>> me.
>> Me too... I think the "e" in the new font is unreadable, and the new 
>> logo is too angular, the old one is more rotund at the edges, and the 
>> old "n" provides a nice break in the baseline...
>> OTOH, I always had this (intended, according to Doug) impression that 
>> the original logo belongs to the 60' era, and denotes something 
>> outdated, old. So perhaps this is a good opportunity to bring it into 
>> the new era... :
> I'm not intending to put any fuss about this, but it's relatively
> simple to either change the aspect ratio of the current logo, or
> push the characters closer together. Changing the 'e' would be a
> bit more difficult, but not really a problem either. I could do
> this towards the mid- to latter part of next week if people were
> interested.
> Murray
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