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From David Spencer <>
Subject Re: potential new Lucene logo
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2004 19:38:00 GMT
Doug Cutting wrote:
> Murray Altheim wrote:
>> I thought I'd have a go at the
>> Lucene logo, not to change it markedly but clean it up so that it
>> is based on an existing font. This potential Lucene logo is based
>> on an ITC font called Magneto Bold Extended, which you can see here:
>> I modified the 'c' slightly because at small sizes it starts
>> looking too much like an 'e', especially since in the Lucene
>> logo the baseline is extended across the entire logo. I experimented
>> with several border thicknesses, settling on one that was visible
>> at small sizes but not too thick at larger sizes. Here's a sample
>> of the result:
> Thanks!  This looks nice to me.
>> I've posted a zip file containing a number of sizes plus the
>> originals, which are in SVG and PNG:
>> (198K)
>> The SVG file is the source image, and after conversion into a
>> raster format I did some bit hand cleaning to end up with the
>> PNG, which is a 9394x961px image at 72dpi. Being available as
>> a very large PNG, it can then be used for T-shirts, etc. I
>> consider the PNG image the master, since it's had some cleanup
>> in evening out lines and curves, etc.
> I just put the original, scalable artwork for the existing logo at:
> I have used the Gimp in the past to generate high-resolution PNG files 
> from this when needed.
>> The one thing about the logo (either the existing one or the
>> one I've done) is that neither do too well when shrunk small.
>> The source PNG can be reduced to any size, but after reduction
>> to small sizes often needs some hand cleanup. This could be
>> fixed by no longer using an outline around the font, but I
>> didn't want to take that kind of liberty with the design,
>> especially since then it would be a single-colour font. I kinda
>> like the current design, as it reminds me of a logo from a
>> recreational vehicle (camper, caravan, etc.)
> The design was originally donated by Jeff Boozer and Joy Busse in April 
> of 1998.  I asked for something that looked like 60's refrigerator chrome.
>> I realize that sometimes people feel (understandably) proprietary
>> about a given image, and I don't mean to push this image on anyone.
>> If the group wants to use it, I'm fine with that, and release any
>> rights on its use. I'll leave the zip file online for several
>> weeks, then it will be removed.
> I don't feel too proprietary.  Do folks prefer Murray's reworked Lucene 
> logo or the original logo?

I'm sorry, but I prefer the orig. The new one seems too elongated to me.

> Doug
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