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From Bernhard Messer <>
Subject Re: kick-start: Lucene to top-level project
Date Sat, 11 Dec 2004 14:54:44 GMT
Anwsering the questions found at, 
lucene would be a good candidate for becoming a TLP. Bringing Nutch and 
all the available Lucene ports under one big umbrella sounds really cool 
to me.
I think many other lucene developers, not only myself,  also have some 
big interrest on what's going within the nutch community. Having both 
projects hosted by the same organization, would bring developers closer 
together, which are working in the same area but on different projects 
now. Regarding to information sharing, thishis could be a big win for 
both sides.

Currently i'm not able to see how much adminitrative work this will 
raise. Are there any known apache projects already moved from a 
subproject to TLP ? Maybe they could give us some important hints what 
effort will come over the community.

So there is a +1 from me moving to TLP. I also would be glad to help on 
the technical work, whenever there is some rare free time which allows it.


> The idea of creating a new top-level Apache project, namely 
>, has been floating around for a while.  The idea is 
> to bring Lucene under this new umbrella, along with incubating Nutch 
> through the standard Apache incubation process with it aimed at coming 
> under this same top-level project too.
> This message is to kick-start this process in a more formal manner.
> Creating a new top-level project to house Lucene, and the effort to 
> incubate Nutch can occur in parallel, I believe.  Nutch will follow 
> the path outlined here:
> The creation of the top-level project has been somewhat outlined here:
> Most of the effort is administrative, such as selecting a Chair, PMC 
> members, and putting together a plan of action.  Along with this move, 
> we should also consider switching to Subversion and migrating from 
> Bugzilla to JIRA.
> Are there any folks opposed to these plans?
> I personally am happy to champion this effort and I will do what I can 
> within the time constraints of the rest of my life.  What we need are 
> other volunteers willing to assist with these efforts.  First we need 
> to write the proposals, choose the initial PMC members and Chair (who 
> I assume should be his majesty Doug, if he's willing to be in that 
> role), and deal with the flurry of e-mails on the Jakarta PMC e-mail 
> list.
> More technical effort will be needed to manage the publishing of the 
> website - it would be nice to overhaul the Lucene site - manage the 
> code repositories, and automate the bulk of the release process so 
> that we can simply click and release.
> What tasks have I overlooked?
> Discussion?  Suggestions?
>     Erik
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