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Subject [Jakarta Lucene Wiki] Updated: LuceneFAQ
Date Thu, 30 Dec 2004 21:08:33 GMT
   Date: 2004-12-30T13:08:32
   Editor: DanielNaber
   Wiki: Jakarta Lucene Wiki
   Page: LuceneFAQ

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Change Log:

@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-This FAQ is currently being worked on (2004-12-22), the update should be done in a few days.
+This FAQ is currently being worked on (2004-12-30), the update should be done in a few days.
 Note that the [ old FAQ] isn't maintained
@@ -58,6 +58,24 @@
 === Searching ===
+==== Why am i getting no hits / incorrect hits? ====
+Some possible causes:
+ * The desired term is in a field that was not defined as 'indexed'. Re-index the document
and make the field indexed.
+ * The term is in a field that was not tokenized during indexing and therefore, the entire
content of the field was considered as a single term. Re-index the documents and make sure
the field is tokenized. 
+ * The field specified in the query simply does not exist. You won't get an error message
in this case, you'll just get no matches.
+ * The field specified in the query has wrong case. Field names are case sensitive.
+ * The term you are searching is a stop word that was dropped by the analyzer you use. For
example, if your analyzer uses the StopFilter, a search for the word 'the' will always fail
(i.e. produce no hits).
+ * You are using different analyzers (or the same analyzer but with different stop words)
for indexing and searching and as a result, the same term is transformed differently during
indexing and searching.
+ * The analyzer you are using is case sensitive (e.g. it does not use the LowerCaseFilter)
and the term in the query has different case than the term in the document. 
+ * The documents you are indexing are very large. Lucene by default only indexes the first
10,000 terms of a document to avoid OutOfMemory errors. See [
+If none of the possible causes above apply to your case, this will help you to debug the
+ * Use the Query's toString() method to see how it actually got parsed.
+ * Use [ Luke] to browse your index.
 ==== What wildcard search support is available from Lucene? ====

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