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From Marcel Hofmann <>
Subject Content-based similarity search in vector-space for Lucene
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2004 14:03:38 GMT
Dear Developers!

I dont know which person to write to, so I write to this mailing-list.

For my diploma (available in german), i have written a similarity
search, that for an given document (query) returns documents, which
content is gradual similar to the query-document. With this
functionality, e.g. different versions from an document, plagiats of a
publication or related articels in the archiv of an scientific magazin
can be found.

The documents where indexed with lucene 1.4 and represented as
termvectors inside the lucene-index. For searching, an real
vectorspace-retrievalmodell (not an advanced boolean model) based on the
SMART-Retrievalsystem from Gerard Salton was implemented, including
tf-idf weighting and cosine-similarity-function. The whole search-space
is explored, no heuristical methods are used at time, but can be retrofited.

I have deployed an shortened version of the diploma-prototype, which
includes a GUI, one sample document-collection (CIA Factbook) but not
the sources of the project:

The prototype can be started with the prototype/deploy/diploma.bat
(sorry to all non Windows users). The included readme.txt lists the
original content of the prototype, not the shortened version.

I would like to deploy an library, which contains the core of the
implementation (vector-space, cosine-similarity,...) to the
lucene-project. But I need some hints to do this...

Greetings from Saxony, Germany
Marcel Hofmann

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