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From Christoph Goller <>
Subject Re: PhrasePrefixQuery -> MultiPhraseQuery
Date Tue, 12 Oct 2004 10:32:07 GMT
Doug Cutting schrieb:
> Daniel Naber wrote:
>> I copied PhrasePrefixQuery to MultiPhraseQuery, decprecating 
>> PhrasePrefixQuery. The wiki also suggests to make 
>> MultipleTermPositions a private nested class. However, it is public 
>> currently so I wonder whether we can just remove/deprecate it without 
>> offering an alternative. Any opinions?
> I don't feel too strongly about this.
> I doubt anyone uses this class directly, so we could just remove it and 
> wait until we make a 1.9 RC, and see if anyone complains then.
> Or we could just leave it public and improve it's javadoc.  It is 
> well-named and well-implemented, and may be useful for other things, 
> although I can't think what they are...
> What do others think?
> Doug

I would prefer to leave it public. Though I am currently not using
it, I think it could be usefull. TermDocs and TermPositions are
essential for e.g. computing term correlations. If we have a list of
synonyms we could use MultipleTermPositions to compute correlations
of the whole set of synonyms to other terms.


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