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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: sandbox -> core ?
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2004 17:03:59 GMT
Erik Hatcher wrote:
> It would be nice if the Sandbox components were versioned and released  
> along with the core - perhaps this would be a sufficient enough  
> solution?  But, alas, I have no free time currently to devote to this  
> effort.

That's precisely the reason to add these to the main CVS tree: if 
they're somewhere else then they simply won't get versioned and released 
in parallel with the core, while if they're in the main CVS tree this 
will happen with no extra effort.

In general, I'm a proponent of bundling as much as possible into a 
single CVS tree and build procedure, since it makes it much easier to 
keep things synchronized.  If folks feel the jar is too big, then we can 
always build these into a separate jar.  I'd also vote to put analyzers 
in the same CVS tree and under the top-level build.xml, for the same 
reason.  If we like, we could put them each in subdirectories of 
src/analyzers, and have each built as a separate jar.  Thoughts?

The sandbox should be for experimental stuff.  Stuff that's proven 
widely useful should go into the main tree and get released along with 
every Lucene release.


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