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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: IndexInput & GCJ
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2004 18:51:15 GMT
Andi Vajda wrote:
> Do you intend to ultimately support Java Lucene with GCJ ?

As far as possible...

> I'm down to 3 patches:

Can you please file a Lucene bug report and attach these patches?  I'm 
not guaranteeing that they'll all be committed right away, but rather 
that that's a better place to keep track of them.  And they may get 
comitted!  Thanks.

I've also suggested a few changes to your patches below.

>   - GCJH cannot generate a header file from QueryParser.class because there
>     are one static field and one static method which have the same name 
> (down
>     from two in Lucene 1.4.1)

This code is generated by JavaCC.  I think the best way to fix this 
would be to fixup the code automatically whenever it is regenerated. 
So, instead of patching, patch build.xml.  In the 
javacc-QueryParser task, add a <replace> task which replaces 
'jj_la1_0()' with 'jj_la1_0_method()'.

Is there a GCJ bug number assigned to this issue?  If not, could you 
please file one and note the bug number in a comment?  That way, if/when 
GCJ more elegantly resolves this we can remove the hack.

>   - The delete(int) and delete(Term) methods on IndexReader clash with the
>     'delete' c++ keyword. GCJ will generate them as 'delete$' which is a 
> neat
>     workaround; the problem, however, is that the dynamic linker, at 
> least on
>     Mac OS X, doesn't then properly link to these symbols and fails to load
>     the resulting shared library.
>     So I defined two synonym methods deleteDocument(int) and
>     deleteDocuments(Term) in a patch to IndexReader.

In your patch, please add javadocs and deprecate the old delete() 
methods.  Again, GCJ and/or OS X bug numbers in a comment would be good 
to have.

>   - Because of GCJ bug 15411,
> needs to be patched to define the missing method
>     definitions

Please add this bug reference in a comment to the patched code.


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