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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: API cleanup for Field
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2004 16:34:57 GMT
Daniel Naber wrote:
> here's a patch to clean up the API as described by Doug:


This looks great!  Thanks for this and all of the other wonderful work 
you've done recently for Lucene.

> The static Field.UnStored/Keyword etc methods are not deprecated. I think 
> these can be confusing (e.g. what exactly does UnIndexed mean -- I always 
> have to look it up), but nobody is forced to use them so there's no reason 
> to deprecate them.

If they're confusing and have a less-confusing alternative then we 
should eventually remove them from the API, so we should deprecate them 
now.  We should move entirely to the new enumeration-based contructors. 
  Everything else should be deprecated.

> The only boolean left is the one for term vectors. Should we add another 
> enumeration like TermVectorIndex.NO/YES/...? I know that there's a patch 
> that adds position information to the term vectors. How does that fit in 
> here?

I think we should also add an enumeration for vector indexing.  I like 
keeping names shorter when possible, so I'd vote for something like 
Field.Vector.YES, and Field.Vector.NO.  This parameter should be 
optional, defaulting to Field.Vector.NO.

Thanks again,


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