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From Andrzej Bialecki>
Subject ANN: Luke v. 0.5 released
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2004 12:10:50 GMT
Hello fellow Luceners,

I'm pleased to announce that new release of Luke is now available. You 
can download it from:

This release uses Lucene 1.4-rc4.

This release also represents a major step forward - many new exciting 
features have been added. The feature I consider the most important in 
this release is extensibility - there is a plugin framework, and a 
sample plugin is provided in the distribution - I encourage you to write 

Here's a short summary of changes in this release:

     * NEW: Added support for Term Vectors.
     * NEW: Added a plugin framework - plugins found on classpath are
	detected automatically and added to the new "Plugins" tab.
	Note however that for now plugins autoloading doesn't quite
	work when using Java WebStart - an alternative mechanism is also
	provided. Plugins have full access to the application context.
	Please read JavaDoc for for more information.
     * NEW: A sample plugin is provided, based on Mark Harwood's "tool
	for analyzing analyzers".
     * NEW: all tables support resizable columns now. Some dialogs are
	also resizable.
     * NEW: Added Reconstruct functionality. Using this function users
	can reconstruct the content of all (also unstored) fields of a
	document. This function uses a brute-force approach, so it may
	be slow for larger indexes (> 500,000 docs).
     * NEW: Added "pseudo-edit" functionality. New document editor dialog
	allows to modify reconstructed documents, and add or replace the
	original ones.
     * FIX: problems with MRU list solved, and a framework for handling
	preferences introduced.
     * FIX: the list of available Analyzers is now dynamically populated
	from the classpath, using the same method as in the AnalyzerTool
	plugin. This also doesn't work in WebStart, so a fallback to a
	static list is provided.
     * FIX: restructured source repository and added Ant build script.

Please note that as a result of the package name changes, the main class 
is now org.getopt.luke.Luke, and NOT as before luke.Luke.

I felt that all these changes merited a slight change in name, from 
"Lucene Index Browser" to "Lucene Index Toolbox", as this seems to 
better reflect the current functionality of the tool.

Any feedback, patches for enhancements or bufixes are welcome! If you 
want to provide a patch, please use "diff -bdruN" - this will help me to 
integrate it. Thank you!

Best regards,
Andrzej Bialecki

Software Architect, System Integration Specialist
CEN/ISSS EC Workshop, ECIMF project chair
EU FP6 E-Commerce Expert/Evaluator
FreeBSD developer (

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