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From Christoph Goller <>
Subject Re: TermInfosReader.getIndexOffset javadoc and code inconsistent?
Date Thu, 20 May 2004 11:33:02 GMT
Nigel Tao wrote:
> This is a minor quibble, but are the javadocs and the code for
> TermInfosReader.getIndexOffset(Term) inconsistent?  The javadocs say
> "less than" but the code says "less than or equal to" (if the "return
> mid" route is taken, which requires that term.compareTo(indexTerms[mid])
> == 0).

You are right. I have fixed the Javadoc.

> But more importantly - does this impact any consumers of this method -
> if, for example, they actually presume "less than" rather than "less
> than or equal to"?

Not as far as I know. I fact it was the reason for a recent bug in the
skipTo implementation that I fixed some weeks ago.

> Also, this may be a strictly academic point, but should it be documented
> that this method may return -1 if no index entry is <= term?  In
> practice this is impossible since indexTerms[0] is always the empty Term
> with "" field and "" text, which is less than (or equal to :-) any other
> Term.

Propose an improved Javadoc and I will commit it.

You already dived quite deep into the code.
There is a lot to learn from Doug :-)


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