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From Paul <>
Subject Re: Optimize crash
Date Sun, 09 May 2004 20:41:32 GMT
Sam Hough wrote:
> Paul,
> Again, more information but no comfort. It looks like your index is corrupt
> rather than there being a problem with optimise method.
> Document numbers 185414 and 259128 are corrupt. I tried marking these
> two documents as deleted but it then seems term info is also corrupt as it
> blows up in line 111
> I cant even imagine how to track down how that happened from here. From
> my little knowledge of Lucene the storage code is very solid so maybe the
> JVM etc start to become suspects.
> Sorry I couldnt really help.

Not at all, thanks very much for all your efforts on it and thanks for the
idea on the JVM.

Those documents are pretty old ones (the index was up to 700,000 by then)
so this is interesting. I had re-indexed a while back, to get around this very
same problem the first time it occurred, and optimize worked at that point.
So these two documents were presumably not corrupt then.

It's very unlikely that they were edited, being so old, so no re-indexing
should have been done. So how they became corrupt is a mystery.


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