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From "O'Hare, Thomas" <>
Subject RE: New site using Lucene -
Date Fri, 23 Apr 2004 18:53:32 GMT
I can't share with you the names of companies who are using Lucene
deployed on Akamai, but I can tell you a bit more about how the model
works. The Lucene index is stored in the WAR file that is deployed to
the Akamai distributed computing platform. We call the service where
customers can run applications our EdgeComputing service. The
application is pre-loaded and initialized in regions on the network to
eliminate first hit lag time. For updates we lazy purge the WAR, which
means the current version stays running servicing its requests and new
requests are sent to the new version once its loaded and initialized and
the old version is shutdown once its done servicing its requests. This
is an automated process and part of our on-demand distributed computing
platform load balancing system. 

On a machine behind our firewall, we have a cron job set that runs a
Perl program to rebuild the index, upload the WAR to storage, and issue
a SOAP request to our network to purge the WAR URL. This process is
customer specific and customer's implement similar mechanisms for
updating their application on the network. The storage location uses
Akamai's NetStorage service for storing the WAR file. The edge servers
fetch the WAR file over SSL from the origin server, which in this case
is NetStorage. The application requires no origin communication at

For, the index is rather small and I load it into memory when
the servlet initializes using RAMDirectory. I'm using the
StandardAnalyzer for the index and also the SearchBean class. 

How EdgeComputing Works:

How the Lucene Search Application Works:

Example search using the application:

I added a press release search page, which adds a search limiter to the
user query to limit the search to just documents in the index that are
classified as press releases:


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Sent: Friday, April 23, 2004 1:21 PM
Subject: Re: New site using Lucene -

Wow. Thomas, can you share any details of who else is using Lucene by
virtue of the fact they use Akamai services? It would also be
interesting to hear how you manage the distribution of indexes - (if
you're in a position to share that kind of info!)

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