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From Tim Jones <>
Subject two api ideas
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2004 14:33:08 GMT
What do you guys think of these two ideas - would they be good additions to
the API (or maybe the sandbox)?

1. New type of SortField, allowing custom comparison function:

   public SortField (String field,      // which field to sort
                     SortComparatorFactory comparator,  // how to sort
                     boolean reverse)   // whether to reverse

   // returns a comparator for the given IndexReader and field
   public interface SortComparatorFactory {
      ScoreDocLookupComparator comparator (IndexReader reader,
                     String fieldname)

   The thinking behind this idea is it would allow a user of the API to make
up any type of Document comparison function they want - the ultimate "slice
and dice" (thanks to Erik :) result sorter.  It would involve a few very
minor changes to the existing Sort api, such as changing
ScoreDocComparator.sortValue() to return a Comparable instead of just an
Object; making ScoreDocComparator and ScoreDocLookupComparator public
instead of package private.

2. New query type: FilteredQuery

   public class FilteredQuery (Query query, Filter filter)

   The thinking behind this idea is it would allow an individual query to be
filtered, instead of just the whole search.  Probably not that common, but I
wrote it recently to handle a query like:

   QueryX OR (QueryY filtered by FilterA)



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