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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 28640] New: - PhraseQuery AND TermQuery differs from SpanNearQuery AND TermQuery
Date Tue, 27 Apr 2004 21:49:32 GMT

PhraseQuery AND TermQuery differs from SpanNearQuery AND TermQuery

           Summary: PhraseQuery AND TermQuery differs from SpanNearQuery AND
           Product: Lucene
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: Critical
          Priority: Other
         Component: Search

It appears that PhraseQuery may be broken when used with And in Lucene-1.4-RC2.
 This is demonstrated by the fact that equivalent PhraseQuery and SpanNearQuery
s return different results combined with single TermQuery s using BooleanQuery
in AND mode return different results.  This can be demonstrated by creating a
simple index using the provided demo code with a minor modification.

Index the following 3 documents using the Lucene-1.4-rc2 demo file
-File 1-
-- The Clinton administration's drive to normalize trade
relations with China cleared important congressional hurdles
Wednesday with surprising ease as the measure appeared to pick up
momentum in advance of next week's crucial House vote.
-- Sierra Leone's pro-government troops captured rebel leader
Foday Sankoh Wednesday, triggering jubilant celebrations in the
capital by residents who have long despised Sankoh and his
Revolutionary United Front's brutality against civilians during
the West African nation's eight-year civil war.
The New York Times:
-- Calling trade relations with China the work of "13 years and
three administrations," Governor George W. Bush of Texas urged
Wednesday Congressional Republicans and Democrats alike to support
President Clinton and vote next week to grant China permanent
trade rights.
-- Embracing a strikingly broad concept of national security,
President Bill Clinton on Wednesday told the graduating class of
the United states Coast Guard Academy that the world was becoming
more dangerous with new threats from disease, terrorism and even
global warming.
The Wall Street Journal:
-- A dog debt negotiator well known in Western financial
circles, Mikhail Kasyanov won easy confirmation as prime minister
from Russia's parliament after a speech mixing promises of reform
with populist pledges to avoid measures that could hurt ordinary
-- The U.S. Justice Department reiterated Wednesday that its
plan to break up Microsoft Corp. is the only practical solution to
addressing the software company's pattern of anticompetitive
behavior, without unduly burdening the technology industry and
damaging the New Economy.

-File 2-
Clinton E-Signs Electronic Signature Bill
WASHINGTON, June 30 (Xinhua) -- Using a smart card and his
dog's name as password, U.S. President Bill Clinton Friday e-
signed into law a bill that gives electronic signatures the same
status as their ink-and-paper counterparts.
The president inserted the smart card into a computer and typed
in his dog's name, Buddy, as the password. After a while, the
computer screen said: "The Electronic Signatures in Global and
National Commerce Act is now a law." The signing ceremony took
place in Congress Hall of Philadelphia.
"It works," Clinton told the audience of about 100 local
college students.
He said Americans will soon be able to use the cards "for
everything from hiring a lawyer to closing a mortgage."
Supporters said the electronic signature bill, passed in mid
June by Congress, will make it easier for both companies and
consumers to do business online.
For instance, computer users would be able to take out
mortgages, buy insurance, even enter a binding contract with their
roofer without ever leaving their home, signing a piece of paper
or waiting for back-and-forth of mailed paperwork.
And business negotiating contracts with each other could enter
binding agreements without having to send paper documents
The bill could revolutionize banking by letting buyers close
mortgages and car loans 24 hours a day, said Jerry Buckley of the
Electronic Financial Services Council, a lobbying group.
Michael Hogan, senior vice president of online brokerage DLJ
Direct said his company will let clients open accounts and receive
statements online.
The technology to allow for secure e-signatures is still being
developed, however. Among the approaches are encrypted numeric
coding devices and fingerprint or iris scans attached to computers
that verify a person's identity.

-File 3-
Major News Items in Leading Israeli Newspapers
JERUSALEM, August 18 (Xinhua) -- The following are major news
items in leading Israeli newspapers Wednesday.
The Jerusalem Post:
-- U.S. President Bill Clinton wrote a letter to Palestinian
National Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat Tuesday, promising that
Washington is ready to do everything necessary to get the peace
process back on track.
Palestinian officials said the letter showed that the U.S. is
deeply involved in the peace process and keen to see the Wye
agreement back on track. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak also
received a letter from Clinton this week, the contents of which
were not disclosed.
-- Israel sent a 120-person rescue mission to Turkey Tuesday to
help rescue survivors of a devastating earthquake. The group
included a search and rescue team with specially trained sniffer
dog. Israeli President Ezer Weizman called up his Turkish
counterpart Suleyman Demirel after the quake to express deep
condolence for the victims of the disaster.
-- Two Israeli soldiers, First Sergeant Eyal Guetta and
Sergeant Doron Hershkowitz, were killed and seven others wounded
Tuesday in fierce clashes with Hezbollah guerrillas in southern
Lebanon, one day after a senior Hezbollah official was killed by
roadside bombs in Lebanon. Israel has denied any involvement in
the bombing attack.
Yediot Ahronot:
-- The Health Ministry has decided to reveal the names of HIV
carriers because they are engaging in unsafe sex. Israelis
suspected of being infected have already received notification
that their names may be revealed in media in the future.

All of these files contain "Bill Clinton" and "dog"

If you modify the Lucene-1.4-rc2 demo file to run the following 
2 test cases, you will see they return different results -- the PhraseQuery
version misses a valid Hit

        Query query = null;
        if(args.length == 1 && args[0].equals("-t1"))
          Term bill = new Term("contents", "bill");
          Term clinton = new Term("contents", "clinton");
          PhraseQuery billClinton = new PhraseQuery();
          TermQuery dog = new TermQuery(new Term("contents", "dog"));
          BooleanQuery billClintonANDdog = new BooleanQuery();
          billClintonANDdog.add(billClinton, true, false);
          billClintonANDdog.add(dog, true, false);
          query = billClintonANDdog;
        if(args.length == 1 && args[0].equals("-t2"))
          SpanTermQuery bill = new SpanTermQuery(new Term("contents", "bill"));
          SpanTermQuery clinton = new SpanTermQuery(new Term("contents",
          SpanNearQuery billClinton = new SpanNearQuery(new
SpanQuery[]{bill,clinton}, 0, true);
          TermQuery dog = new TermQuery(new Term("contents", "dog"));
          BooleanQuery billClintonANDdog = new BooleanQuery();
          billClintonANDdog.add(billClinton, true, false);
          billClintonANDdog.add(dog, true, false);
          query = billClintonANDdog;
          System.out.println("usage: java SearchFiles -t1|-t2");

This seems to be a bug related to at least PhraseQuery introduced since Lucene
1.3 final.

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