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From Tatu Saloranta <>
Subject Re: Search Expansion
Date Sat, 03 Apr 2004 16:14:57 GMT
On Saturday 03 April 2004 05:01, wrote:
> >Does above make sense?
> >
> >-+ Tatu +-
> No Tatu, I am confused now. You probably need to talk
> lower level ... :-)
> Guess you are suggesting something completely different
> to Erik's proposal ??

Well, it's bit different approach. Eric answered your direct question, ie. how 
to do flattened query, I tried to outline doing it without flattening, by 
structuring indexed data in such a way that you can use prefix or phrase 
query to do 'real' hierarchic search.

I think that mailing list archives have enough good explanations, hopefully 
more readable than mine... so perhaps search though them first? I'm pretty 
sure similar question was asked and answered just a month or two ago.
If you can not find any, I (or someone else on the list) can try to clarify it 

Also, I think there was another reply that indicated something was added to 
Wiki, regarding hierarchic (classification-based) queries. I haven't checked 
that out, but that might be helpful as well.

Hope this helps,

-+ Tatu +-

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