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From Jack Park <>
Subject Re: Error in search
Date Sun, 08 Feb 2004 13:38:16 GMT
Not only is it possible that I closed the searcher earlier, that is 
*precisely* the bug :-)

Don't close a searcher before its time...

Many thanks!

Erik Hatcher wrote:

> Could you post the stack trace so we can see the details of where the 
> exception is coming from?
> Is it possible you've closed the IndexSearcher before attempting to 
> get to the doc?
>     Erik
> On Feb 8, 2004, at 12:35 AM, Jack Park wrote:
>> I am using 1.3 final.
>> I am indexing triples, with fields like subject, predicate, and object.
>> In playing around with toy triples, where objects are simple strings, 
>> I'm running into that famous "System cannot find the path specified" 
>> explosion when I do a
>>    Document doc = hits.doc(i) on the first (i=0) hit with two hits 
>> available.
>> Roaming about in the Hit code, I remain somewhat confused.
>> I'm using  IndexSearcher, right out of the demo.
>> Let me assume that Hit.doc(i) has a cache miss, so it goes off to 
>> searcher.doc( which seems to ramble off to an IndexReader.
>> Here, I am assuming that we are looking around in the index built. 
>> That it found two hits, I'm inclined to think that Lucene is properly 
>> reading its indexes.
>> So, what would be the source of the hit failure in the form of 
>> "cannot find the path specified"? What path?
>> Thanks
>> Jack

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