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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 27268] New: - [PATCH] Get/Set for Searcher in Hits and Searchable in RemoteSearchable
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2004 19:21:50 GMT

[PATCH] Get/Set for Searcher in Hits and Searchable in RemoteSearchable

           Summary: [PATCH] Get/Set for Searcher in Hits and Searchable in
           Product: Lucene
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: Normal
          Priority: Other
         Component: Search

First of all thanks for Lucene!

I want to contribute some thoughts, perhaps it's interesting for others. 
Perhaps not. But if I want to know? I have to post ;-)

I've added:
A getSearcher and setSearcher Method for the Searcher used from the Hits object.
This Searcher is used from the Hits object to load new HitDoc objects into the
hitDocs cache (Vector).

I've added a getSearcher and setSearcher Method for the RemoteSearchable too. 


I've read the threads in the dev mailing list about remote and distributed
searching and reusing Searcher objects in a multi threaded environment like
application servers or servlet containers. The overall opinion is to instantiate
a IndexSearcher for a index and reuse these object with many threads. This
sounds ok. 

Example Situation: 

A Singleton with a HashMap can act as a registry vor Searcher objects
initialized and populated during application startup.

Now we can acces these Searcher objects through lookups to this registry and use
them for searching. 

Note: The same Searcher object used for searching is referenced in the resulting
Hits object of each search!

In a web production environment with 7x24 it must be possible to replace a whole
index with a new one during runtime (because of many changes or architecture
decissions...). This means reloading/replacing these Searcher objects too. 

Situation in a web or ejb environment with sessions. 

Many clients start a search and receive a Hits object. (Or any wrapper around a
Hits object like a HitsIterator to browse large collections of search results or
RemoteSearchable). Typically a reference to this Hits (or wrapper) object is
stored in a Session context of the conversation (HttpSession, Stateful Session
Bean) and so a reference to originally used Searcher. 

But what happens when the Hits object tries to load new HitDoc objects into
hitDocs cache (Vector). 

The reference to the Searcher object is no longer available because it is
replaced with a new Searcher object. Perhaps the same lucene index is available
again but not the same hash code of the object... the reference is broken and
it's really hard to find out why no more results (documents are available) in
the Hits object. This breaks iterating over large collections of search results
in long sessions when the reusable Searcher object has changed.

The same problem appears when we use the RemoteSearchable which acts on the
lower level search api. In this implementation UnicastRemoteObject is extended.
The javadoc explains the same problem.

"The UnicastRemoteObject class defines a non-replicated remote object whose
references are valid only while the server process is alive. The
UnicastRemoteObject class provides support for point-to-point active object
references (invocations, parameters, and results) using TCP streams.

Objects that require remote behavior should extend RemoteObject, typically via
UnicastRemoteObject. If UnicastRemoteObject is not extended, the implementation
class must then assume the responsibility for the correct semantics of the
hashCode, equals, and toString methods inherited from the Object class, so that
they behave appropriately for remote objects."

A quick Solution for Hits:

A possibility for wrapper objects to read the original Searcher object from the
"Hits" object and do some checks on the Searcher object (e.g. compare hashCode).
If not it must be possible to set a new Searcher object to the Hits object to
receive new documents.

A quick Solution for Remote:
- same as for Hits


A long solution:

Implement all Searcher objects as serializable objects. So it's possible to
share these objects in a distributed environment like application servers
through JNDI. In the moment they don't travel very well ;-( 

DO NOT add a reference to the Searcher to the Hits object. A better approach is
to use a proxy inside the Hits object with the possibility to check the
existence of the searcher object and if needed to receive a new one.

Example of Proxy implementations:

- Registry Service in the same VM
- HA-JNDI (clustered JBoss)
- or a combination of above

This is not so hard but needs a little different architecture.

Results from experiments with distributed lucene indexe in a clustered JBoss
3.2.3 environment (implemented as JMX services):

- Remote or distributed searching with Lucene is a big problem. 
- A RemoteSearchable implementation is available for searching a lucene index
over RMI but this is not a real solution for production environments. 
- Do not use Searcher implementations in distributed environments as components
- The only save approach without changing to much on the lucene code is to use
Searcher in the same VM. Only RAMDirectory is useful with many search requests.
Apply read/write methods for Seracher objects in Hits and RemoteSearchable. Wrap
Hits and RemoteSearchable with a object responsible for checking Searcher's
availability and when needed the functionality to lookup a new Searcher. 

I'm very interested in re open a new thread in the dev mailing list if anyone is
interested in a discussion about distributed searching. 
Perhaps this topic is dicussed elsewhere and I'm to stupid to find it, please
give me a tip if so.

Thanks for your time. 


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