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From "Grant Ingersoll" <>
Subject Re: Revival of Dmitry's Term Vector patches
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2004 15:19:15 GMT
BTW, I am willing to help with the implementation if any of the earlier volunteers wish to
have some help.  I need this for the project I am on, so I can commit a fair amount of time
to it, as it will ultimately save me time from having to come up with my own implementation
from scratch of the exact same thing.


>>> Grant Ingersoll 01/06/04 06:03PM >>>

Was wondering what the status of this patch is?  I am fairly new to this, but need the term
vector stuff to implement relevance feedback for our system.

Should I take this patch plus the original files that Dmitry submitted and apply them to 1.3
final in order to have the term vector stuff implemented.  Or should I take Dmitry's new files,
his original patch, apply them, and then apply this patch?  I tried the first case, but am
getting errors when patching the SegmentMerger file at lines 77, 161 and 243.

Thanks for the help,
Grant Ingersoll

>>> 12/09/03 02:44PM >>>
Hello Otis,

Here is a patch with documentation from Dmitry.

I used
cvs diff -uN

Hope it is OK now.


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