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From "Jamie Stallwood" <>
Subject RE: Lucene's delete feature
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2004 11:23:27 GMT
Hello Albert,

I think you might find this message from Doug Cutting useful.


Tate Avery wrote:
> ...I need to know which Lucene operations can cause document ids to
> I am assuming that the following can cause potential changes:
> 	1) Add document
> 	2) Optimize index
> What else could cause a document id to change?

Nothing.  And even these can only cause an id to change if there have
been deletions.

> Could delete provoke a doc id change?

Not when you perform the delete.  Later, when you add to or optimize the
index, the ids for deleted documents are reclaimed.

> And, I am assuming that the following DO NOT change the document id:
> 	1) Query the index

That is correct.

Document ids never change with an instance of IndexReader.  When you
open a new index reader you should usually assume that ids have changed.


-----Original Message-----
From: Albert Vila Puig []
Sent: 12 January 2004 11:17
Subject: Lucene's delete feature

Hi all,

    I want to maintain an index only with the last month documents. I am
adding all documents sorted by date, in order to use the
IndexOrderSearcher and sort the results by date.
    My problem begins went I want to delete documents from the last
month index. Can I delete and add documents from the index and preserve
the document numbers?

    For example, my idea is at the end of each day, delete the first day
from the index, and add the today's documents to it.


Sorry for my poor english.

Albert Vila Puig
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