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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Lucene taglib status
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2004 16:57:10 GMT
Bryan, et al,

I've made a bit of a concerted effort to get the sandbox taglib 
codebase to function and have had no success.  Yes, I could spend the 
time to fix it up and make it work as I know JSP and taglib stuff 
pretty well, but I really only had one purpose for trying it out - so 
that I could write a section on it for the Lucene in Action book while 
I'm explaining the sandbox goodies.  Unfortunately, my 2 hour effort 
yielded nothing successful.  I made some minor code cleanup as I worked 
on this and have committed those changes.  The main issue is that 
result.jsp is busted - it sets variables to the request parameters 
*after* assigning the defaults so the defaults are overwritten.

For the time being, I'm going to simply note that the taglib codebase 
is there for developers to use as a basis, but as it is now it does not 
work properly.

If you'd like a more glowing write-up on the taglib contribution, 
please refine what is there and package it as working demo that can be 
easily configured to point at a pre-built index.  Perhaps what is in 
CVS is outdated and fixes have not been applied?  If so, please point 
me to unapplied patches and I'll gladly update it.


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